Anonymous asked:

how do the girls (saeko, kiyoko, yachi and yui) show affection to their partner?

haikyuu-plus answered:

Saeko: Saeko would be a very confident lover, unafraid of showing her partner how much she cared for them. She would love to hug them or at least have an arm around them from time to time. She would also love to hold hands or plant small kisses on her lover’s face, sometimes not even caring about whether anybody else would be watching. If her partner felt uncomfortable with public display of affection, she would respect it, but still tease them slightly time and time again.

Shimizu: Shimizu would be very reluctant about being affectionate towards her partner in public, because she would consider this to be something that was done in private, in the sole intimacy of her partner and herself. She would be very tender and loving, enjoying to caress her partner’s skin and stroking their hair. Whenever she felt playful, Shimizu would like to lure her partner into a kiss and right before their lips would meet, she would pull away or kiss the corner of her partner’s mouth.

Yachi: Yachi would be a little insecure about showing affection to her significant other at first. There would be no doubt about the fact that she would try to be loving towards them, but she would either choose the wrong timing or mess up by saying or doing something weird. However, her actions would most likely be endearing enough for her partner to understand what her intentions were. Yachi would love to hold hands with her partner, or at least have each other’s fingers touch each other from time to time and she would definitely be someone who would find comfort in resting her head on her partner’s chest.

Michimiya: Michimiya would absolutely love hugging and cuddling with her partner, not necessarily in public, but still whenever she could be with them. She would also be a little clumsy, sometimes even bumping heads with her partner whenever she was trying to initiate a kiss. She would love to place butterfly kisses on her lover’s forehead and nose. Whenever she and her partner were in public, she would walk closely to them and if they got the chance, their fingers would be tightly intertwined.